Thursday, 20 March 2008

First Post

Well I've finally done it after months of reading all the other lovely blogs out there, I've decided to have a go at one of my own. I'm a bit slow though, so bear with me while I get to grips with it.
I've finally figured out how to put my images into albums and link them from my blog! it took all day but I got there in the end.

I have been a member of the DoCrafts website since I started making my cards and I have a gallery on there (ZoeRobson), which is where I found links to most of the other blogs I visit.

I have quite a lot of cards in my gallery that I'm asked to make to include certain elements. I'm not always sure about them but I do my best and have a go. I've had no complaints so far, so I guess my customers must be happy!


kerry said...

Hi Zoe, welcome to blog land, if you're not already addicted it won't take Your blog is looking great. I too have always loved your cards on docrafts!
Now I know you have one i'll be popping back. Happy blogging, Kerry xxx

Cass said...

Welcome to blogging. Your blog looks fab.Lovely cards.

Julie said...

Hi Zoe, great to see you in blog land, I also read your daughter's tribute blog a while ago and felt for you for having had to go through such a very sad experience.

Jo said...

Hi Zoe, fancy seeing you here!! Welcome to blogland and thanks for your kind comments :)

Jose said...

Excellent job.... you are braver than me :-)