Monday, 12 July 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Adam!!!

Following on from my last post, it was my son's 4th Birthday on 3rd July, and we've just had his party this weekend. I decided after seeing the idea on the Disney website to have a go at making these Toy Story Alien cupcakes. They turned out really well. I made 30 in all. The icing was a bit fiddly but worth the effort. I was glad when they were all done!I also made my own Toy Story party maze games, by buying a pack of 8 from the local pound shop and replacing the picture inside with a Toy Story image! The Birthday Boy! We spent his Birthday Weekend in the Caravan at The Waddington Airshow! We had a fab weekend, especially watching the Vulcan and The Red Arrows!Still not much cardage to report on though sadly. I'm getting a bit more time now so am having the odd dabble here and there!


Sarah said...

Adam looks very happy surrounded with all his presents! Your cakes are stunning, you are so clever xxx

Joey said...

Oh my Goodness I would have LOVED to have been there I love toy story!!! the aliens are one of my faves too lol, those cakes are fantastic! xxx

Vicky said...

how clever r u?!?! those cakes look fabulous!!! what a lucky little boy he is!! xx