Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I am still here...

Hi everybody, I am still here and I would just like to thank you all for the lovely messages that you have left regarding my earlier post. They are all very much appreciated. Thank you! I've not had much enthusiasm for blogging recently but thought I'd have a go at catching up today! First of all thanks to Cass and to Vicki for passing this award onto me! Everybody already seems to have this one though so I wont pass it on again, but if you visit my blog and haven't got this award, then take it!

I've made a start on a few of my Christmas cards. Not atall like me to be making Christmas cards this early on it the year, but I've made so many other cards recently, its a nice change. I've been looking over other peoples blogs and on docrafts at the amount of Christmas cards already and thinking are they mad? I dont tend to make a lot of Christmas cards, just the special ones.

It's my husbands birthday tomorrow! so I'll have some cards to upload then, but as he now reads my blog they will have to wait another day!

I do have a couple of bits I can show you though. I have made another candle on request as a Christmas present. I have used a stamped image of a Poinsettia but I printed the sentiments from the PC onto tissue paper. I decided that although making boxes is a really nice touch, it would just be a lot easier to put the candles into a nice little organza gift bag, which I've managed to find on the internet, and I think it looks lovely.

And finally, Williams funeral will not be until this Friday (26th) so I decided to make a little poem card to put on his flowers. I love this little teddy. I did a google search for the teddy and I found this, I think he's perfect. I just printed off the basic shape of the head and drew on the face. I then drew and cut out the feet and paws. I printed my little poem onto some blue card and then cut that into a heart shape and positioned all the pieces before sticking them down. I've since laminated it so hopefully the rain won't spoil it.Well thats all for now, I'm going to try and tackle a huge pile of ironing and maybe later I'll get back on to check up on some of your blogs!

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pickle said...

Awww Zoe what a beautiful card you have made to go with Williams flowers. The words are very touching.
It must have been very hard for you to make but I am sure his parents will treasure it forever.

The candle you have made is also beautiful. And what a great idea to wrap them in the organza bags. I'm going to be making a few for a craft fair I'm doing in Nov and was wondering if you could tell me where you got the bags from as they would be ideal.
kerry x