Tuesday, 29 July 2008


What on earth has happened to the Docrafts website? I went on holiday and when I came back it had all changed! I find it really slow and more difficult to navigate now. I used to spend hours ploughing through the gallery. I have to say that since I started my blog I've spent less time on there and more time "blog hopping" but every now and then I'd go on and have a browse and upload some cards. I think I'm going to give up on that now. I've just registered on the Trimcraft website today, so hopefully I'll get on a bit better with that one!


Sharon said...

I agree Zoe, I went on the other day & didn't recognise it!! I've put all my favorite blogs on to Google Reader so find that by the time I've read everyones new posts (including your lol!!) it's bed time!! so I hardly ever go on to Docrafts any more.
Sharon :-)x

~Emma~ said...

Hi Zoe...its awful isn't it? Its changed so much latley with all the new rules and regulations and when they made the changes I lost all my buddies...can't get PM's...its just not the same! Oh well...off to find another one me thinks!! Hugs Em.x

kerry said...

Hi Zoe, it has changed hasn't it!.....lol. What's that saying "if it ain't broke......."
Some things I find better, but others, well.
Kerry xxx

Vicki said...

I know how you feel Zoe, I can't get on with it at all anymore and since having a new camera I can't seem to upload pics either. I'm not very good with change, why couldn't they just leave things as they were. I do tend to pop over and check out the threads on the card making section, but find I spend more time blogging these days. xx vicki xx

pickle said...

Um Som of the changes leave a lot to be desired.
I don't understand why they have changed it so dramitically either. When all that was needed was to speed the site up a little.
Can't say I'm impressed with it.
I haven't felt the same about it for a long time now anyway. I don't feel like a regular anymmore.IYKWIM
Blogging is definitely the way forward.
kerry x

Chrissie said...

Likewise ladies!
I just get completely frustrated with the site. There seem to be so many probs. I too have registered with Trimcraft, but I've only uploaded one card to date.
Like you I seem to spend more time blogging!

Aileen said...

Hi All
I tried to access the docrafts web site tonight and it has changed to 123 or something similar does anyone know where the old web site has moved to and how to access it