Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Candles & Memo Block or Post It Note Holders

Today, I've been experimenting with a post it note box or memo block holder that I saw on Betty's Blog. She has lots of fantastic tutorials for boxes and gifts etc. Do take a look if you get a moment. I've tried to follow her instructions, but have adjusted the measurements according to the size of my memo pads, which I bought from Wilko's for 36p each! I've tried flipping the papers and cardstock on this version to give it a slightly different look.
As my first attempts they are a little big rough around the edges and could do with a little bit more refinement! However, they were really quite easy to make.
I seem to be having some sticky issues just lately!!! Firstly my bauble money holders wouldnt stay stuck down when money was placed inside them, so after a few attempts, I decided to raise the spotty pocket by using foam pads, so I'm hoping that its fixed that problem! I don't know why I didnt do it that way to start with! Pregnancy brain has well and truly set in and everything seems to be hard work at the moment! The second sticky issue was with my candle gift boxes. After about a day the acetate window fell off as the ds tape wasnt strong enough to hold it on. Then I had a thought! Why not use the glue gun that I've had sat in my draw for 3 years that I've never even take out of the box! And hey presto! it worked! I've even gone on to make a couple more boxes which are much stronger now! I also decided to add a punched snowflake to the top of each candle just to give it an extra touch! I have put a disclaimer in the box though, to remind people to remove them before lighting the candles!!!I had a go at doing a flowery version too!
After fiddling with the wire handles on my candle jars, I got really fed up and went off to hobbycraft where I bought this much thicker and coloured wire, which made making the handles 100 times easier. I've stuck on the snowflake and ribbon using my glue gun, as I'm guessing the heat of the candle will probably just make it all fall off if I use my ds tape! Again here, I've added a snowflake to the candle.

Thats all for now, I'm not making any more cards or gifts, I've packed my craft knife away! well until after the weekend anyway, when I have my sons pre-school christmas craft fair. I have a few orders for Christmas cards from friends but I'm going to wait and see what I've got left over before I make any more!


Karen said...

Hi Zoe Absoloutely stunning gifts!! You are very talented and I just love all your ideas. The candle boxes are fabulous :)

debby4000 said...

Fabulous gifts.

Steph said...

These look such fab Christmasy gifts. i was going to make some things this year but have found it hard enough to get all my cards done!! You've given me the inspiration to have a go next year!

Unknown said...

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Vicky said...

i love the little clever! i have just uploaded some cars on my blog...inspired by you and the speed sign cards you made a while ago. please pop over and have a lok when you have some time. xx

Pretty-In-Ink said...

What great projects! Can't believe what a bargain those memo pads were and you made them look fab!
Hope you post again soon.

Jo said...

So nice to hear from you Zoe after all this time and I can't believe your baby will soon be exciting!! Hope you put an announcement on your blog! Just had a look at your creations and you are so naturally talented Zoe, they're brilliant x

annyvials said...

Hi Zoe, I came across your blog today while searching for the stamped candle techniques and I just love your tealights! They are beautiful. Off to have a look at all the other stuff you've done. I also became a follower.