Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bazzill/Doodlebug Trio's Cardstock

I love to use the Doodlebug range of Bazzill Cardstock, the one with the crisscross texture that are sold in Trio's. I always used to buy mine from Crafty Stuff but notice recently they don't have all the colours in stock, I e-mailed to ask them when they expect to have more in to be told that they arent getting more and to go elsewhere. I was a bit annoyed as this was one of the few places that allways seemed to stock all of the colours. I tend to buy the A4 sized sheets as I only use them for cardmaking so far, I'm sure I'll start scrapbooking one of these days! Anyway just wondering if anybody else knows of a good supplier? I think I may try Happy Stampers although they dont stock all the colours I want or even Capture the Magic who sell it in 12x12.


Sharon said...

Hi Zoe Have loved looking at your blog, you have some great cards. I have the QVC kit as well & have also struggled with the peel-offs as personally I hate the things LOL!! I have pased them all to my daughters who love sticking them everywhere!!
Have added yourblog to mine & will drop in again.
Sharon x

Tracy K said...

Hi, I have some of the bazzill criss cross in stock but not all colours. Have just looked at my suppliers and it's all preorder which can take up to 4 weeks and it's all 12x12. What I have in stock is the equivalent to A4. Hope this helps a little. Will keep my eyes open.

Vicki said...

Oh wow!!! Hi Zoe, welcome to the madly addictive world of blogging. Fancy 'seeing' you here. Your blog is fab. Thanks for visiting my blog, great to hear from you. I really enjoy seeing your cards featured on Do-Crafts and it's lovely to get to know you a little more via a blog of your own. Will pop by regularly now I know where you are. xx vicki xx

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Your cards are all brilliant Zoe. Stop by my site when you get a chance ..... I have a little something for you.

pickle said...

Hi Zoe,
Can't help with the card i'm afraid,
But i have a little something on my blog for you.
kerry x

MeandLilG said...

Hi you,

Passed on an award to you today. Have a look at my blog.