Monday, 11 October 2010

Kraft Cardstock....what do you use?

Two posts in one day!! Another stash related post tonight. I've been using a lot of Kraft cardstock on my cards recently and just wondered what you all use. I've seen on a few different blogs, some people use parcel paper and old packaging. I have been using these folders which I bought from Staples
I think the pack I got had 200 in. If using them as a base layer for a card, I would say you could get 4 cards out of each, so all in all for about £5 you are getting a serious amount of cardstock! Anyway, just thought I would share that info!

Bye for now!

***EDITED*** Just a quick note to say that this Kraft is thin, I always layer it on top of a white base card. It's cheaper that way and lasts twice as long too! I wouldn't use this sort as the card blank itself, its not strong enough.


clare said...

Thnks for sharing this hun...ive been looking for some for xmas cards!
What colour envolopes do you use with your kraft cards??
Hugs Clare x

Unknown said...

I know where ill be going next - Staples!! I bought my Kraft card stock on Ebay and since its recycled card you'd think its cheap but its not! Thanks for sharing!! I go throught alot of Kraft and Brown card its my fav - i have loads and loads of white card but I duno why i dont use it very often!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the idea of using folders from Staples. I rushed down there rtoday and got 100 folders for £3.91 but being folders that gives me 200 sheets that are slightly bigger than A4.
Dawn x